Dialogue and clear implementation plan lead to deal for PostNord

Coffee and vending machine company Selecta frequently dealt with machines not being on site when the company’s technicians were to install them for the end customer and therefore sought out a new logistics carrier. With a unique logistics solution, PostNord took over the task of delivering the machines and solved Selecta’s problem.

The technicians had to wait in vain with end customers for machines that did not arrive and dissatisfaction with the old logistics carrier was high.

“We quickly understood that inadequate delivery control and poor communication were the main problems, so we offered just that,” explains PostNord’s salesperson Annika Ahlgren.

Customer solution specialist

Together with customer solution specialist Rolf Häggqvist, Annika Ahlgren made sure that PostNord won the procurement for Selecta’s machine deliveries. Since April 1, 2016, PostNord has been serving Selecta with around 70 weekly groupage cargo deliveries of coffee and vending machines throughout Sweden.

Annika Ahlgren and Rolf Häggqvist emphasize that the decisive factor for the deal coming together was that PostNord quickly presented a clear implementation plan. It showed how together, PostNord and Selecta could improve control of the entire flow, from Selecta’s central warehouse in Nässjö to installation with the end customer.

Among other things, the plan included weekly meetings between PostNord and Selecta’s customer service, where inclusion of technicians and sales staff was essential. Based on these meetings, the branches affected by any discrepancies are informed so that the drivers concerned have the relevant information well before delivery.

“This may involve a delivery being much larger than originally stated and therefore requiring an extra hand to carry it. Or that entering the premises where the machine is to be delivered needs authorization that the driver does not have,” says Rolf Häggqvist, emphasizing that these are the types of issues behind Selecta’s former problems. Through its unique customer arrangement, PostNord has helped to solve them.

Rolf Häggqvist adds that the deal offered lessons, such as the importance of having a good implementation plan that will be clearly presented at an early stage.

“This creates security and reliability, and encourages customers to get on board from the beginning.”

Last updated: 4/3/2017 4:26 PM