Students to hack new services for PostNord

Over the course of an intense 24 hours in February, around 40 students will be invited to the Arken headquarters to “hack” together. The aim is to produce new, creative solutions for PostNord’s digital services and put the Group on the map in relation to future IT employees. 

Hackathons have started to become an increasingly well-known concept in Sweden and involve a number of people with knowledge of programming coming together to devise and code digital solutions within a specified period of time (to “hack”).

“This is something that many companies do and we need to keep up to speed with developments. Partly because we want to be attractive to new, younger IT personnel and partly in order to design better digital services and more effectively meet the needs of our customers and consumers,” says the Head of PostNord’s Rapid Development IT unit, Maria Naveira Sund.

Together with Capgemini 

So, together with Capgemini, one of the Group’s strategic IT suppliers, Maria Naveira Sund has taken the initiative to organize a hackathon for 40–50 students at PostNord in Stockholm in February. Apart from Maria herself and Capgemini, Maria’s team and eCommerce & Logistics IT will be helping out during the preparations for the event and at the event itself. Today marks the launch of a website where the students can sign up, and it is hoped that as many creative and innovative final-year students as possible will take part.

“We hope that loads of new ideas will be generated and that we’ll get help with new services that we can offer our customers. The students differ from the majority of those already working at PostNord, so hopefully they’ll be able to contribute a completely novel approach and see other needs and possibilities than those on our radar.”

A win-win-situation

The 24-hour hackathon will also be a win-win-situation, according to Maria Naveira Sund, since in return the students will receive training and gain experience and will have a chance to forge a relationship with PostNord and the other partners that will be present at the event. The students who come up with the best solution will also win a prize, provided by Capgemini.

"Naturally we’d like this to be a success for all involved and hope that as many of the PostNord employees as possible would like to come and watch the students present their ideas on February 17. If it all goes as well as we hope, we also intend to run a similar event in Denmark, so that we can put together a concept for the entire Group,” says Maria Naveira Sund.

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Last updated: 10/1/2018 9:50 AM