Internships – a route into the Swedish labor market

The Jobbsprånget internship program gives asylum-seekers and newly arrived engineers, economists and scientists the opportunity to work as trainees at PostNord. Konstantinos Litsios from Greece is one of the first to join.

Taking on trainees is an important part of the work to promote diversity being carried out throughout the Group and the company. PostNord has now started working for the first time with Jobbsprånget – an initiative launched by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and the government which offers asylum-seekers and graduates who are newly arrived in the country 3-4 month internships.

“Of course, I hope the internship will make it easier for me to find a job in my area of expertise,” says Konstantinos Litsios, who has been working as a trainee in the area of HR/Sustainability at PostNord Sweden for the last few weeks.

He is working with an environmental impact study there, as well as reading reports, descriptions and procurement documentation, and writing reports in Swedish.

“If I do well with this internship, I will show that I’m able to work with environmental issues in Sweden, that I can function in Swedish working environments and that I can handle the language.”

Konstantinos Litsios has an education in environmental engineering. In his native country, he worked with environmental impact studies carried out by his own company. The economic crisis in Greece is one of the reasons he moved to Sweden. After taking Swedish courses, he applied for jobs in his specific area of expertise. But it has not been easy, as he has no experience with working in the Swedish labor market.

“As a result of the internship, trainees can understand what it’s like to be in a Swedish workplace, establish contact with Swedish colleagues and obtain references for future job applications. The goal is to make the step into the labor market easier,” says Björn Öhlund, HR.


Last updated: 4/19/2017 2:20 PM