My PostNord

Dear colleagues,
So, as we know there have been some problems here and there, but in general we provide good deliveries every day and have lots of satisfied customers.

Many thanks for helping with that :-)

But how can we become even better and get even more satisfied customers?

This year's Employee Dialogue looks at how we can all contribute to achieving more satisfied customers and recipients. What can we do together in order to ensure that every single workplace contributes to better achieving the promise "We deliver"? How can we improve delivery quality further and how can our attitude and way of being make the customer experience even better?

As usual, it is the managers who arrange the dialogues at the workplaces and all the relevant materials are available for download from Manager's Site.

The films below form part of the dialogue and can be viewed either during or before the meeting. The first film is a message from Håkan. The second reminds us of PostNord's impressive chain of links that form a delivery, and the third provides examples of the customer view of us and our services.