Make your mail handling and distribution more efficient with service logistics

We are experts in local distribution. This may involve home deliveries of assistive devices to the elderly or food deliveries to consumers. But it also may mean making local deliveries within a company. For example, we help many of our biggest companies with their internal mail handling, so that letters and parcels make the journey from the loading yard to the correct recipient.

Service distribution
Let us help you with your distribution. For example, we can help you distribute assistive devices within a county council area, coordinate goods distribution in a municipality or handle food deliveries to companies and consumers. When our standard solutions are insufficient and we need help, we work with you to put together custom solutions, locally and nationally.

Mail handling
Mail handling is our collective name for all handling of mail, including storing mail items in post offices boxes, collection and delivery of mail and postage and mail handling in Denmark and Sweden.

Post office boxes, collection and delivery
Rent a post office box from us. Choose whether you want to collect mail early, before customers and phone calls begin streaming in, or at the times that suit you best. Your mail items will be safely stored on days when you don’t have the chance to come and collect them. We can also offer delivery and collection of your mail. We deliver mail items that have arrived in your post office box directly to your company. We collect outgoing mail when it suits you best.

Internal mail service
Focus on what matters - let us take care of your company's mail. We can help you with internal mail rounds, opening mail and replenishing office materials. We design a unique solution for your company’s particular needs.

Franking service
Save time and resources. With our franking service we frank your mail each day with the appropriate postage. This allows you to see what each department or unit sends, giving you a better overview of costs distribution.

Last updated: 10/20/2016 3:55 PM