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PostNord Digital Solutions Enable

Exceptional Last Mile Delivery Experiences

Maximum flexibility for customers with the PostNord App. 





Easily keep track of your packages.

  • Track your packages.
  • Pick up packages with QR code.
  • Share packages with others so they can pick them up for you.
  • Make changes to when and how you want your deliveries to take place.
  • Find service points, mailboxes and parcel lockers.
  • Chat with customer service in Denmark.
  • Buy shipping in Sweden and Denmark.
  • Make easy returns with QR code.

We've delivered more than 1,8 million parcels to our parcel lockers

For an optimal consumer experience, it is recommended that parcel lockers be introduced as an independent delivery option at checkout within the API Service Points V5.

How to include parcel lockers as a delivery location in your checkout

As an e-commerce company, you can show the Parcel locker as a separate delivery location.

To enable delivery to a Parcel locker, MyPack Collect with the value-added service Choice of Collection point is required (VAS-code A7).

The Parcel lockers are listed along with the other service points via the PostNord API.

The consumer chooses Parcel locker in the checkout.

To collect the parcel from the Parcel locker, the recipient needs the PostNord App and Mobile ID to enable secure verification of identity.

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