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2010-10-05 09:00

Lars Idermark succeeds Lars G Nordström as Posten Norden CEO

The Board of Directors of Posten Norden has appointed Lars Idermark as new President and Group CEO. Fifty-three year old Mr Idermark is currently President and CEO of the Swedish Cooperative Union (KF).

Lars Idermark will succeed Lars G. Nordström as President and CEO of Posten Norden, the Nordic communication and logistic group formed in 2009 through the merger of Post Danmark and Swedish Posten AB.

Mr Idermark is currently President and CEO of the Swedish Cooperative Union, KF. He has previously served as CEO of the Second Swedish National Pension Fund, Deputy Group CEO of the Capio healthcare group, and Deputy CEO of Föreningssparbanken (Cooperative Savings Bank) and Föreningsbanken (Cooperative Bank). Mr Idermark has an extensive background from the agricultural cooperative, where his previous positions include that of CEO of LRF Holding. He has also served as Chairman of Swedbank’s board of directors since last spring.

Lars G. Nordström took up the position of President and Group CEO upon the formation of Posten Norden in the summer of 2009. He had previously served as Group CEO of the Swedish Posten AB for approximately one year, where he was also responsible for overseeing the merger and the formation of Posten Norden.

 Lars Idermark will take up his new position after the turn of the year.  

 Board Chairman Fritz H. Schur:

 - With his extensive experience and untiring commitment, Lars G. Nordström has done a splendid job implementing the merger of two national postal groups and establishing Posten Norden while countering the effects of the economic crisis. He is stepping down in complete accordance with our previous agreement.

 - With Lars Idermark, we have succeeded in recruiting a person who possesses the optimal experience and background to lead Posten Norden. Mr Idermark has a genuine business and financial background, with experience from social sectors. This background, combined with his drive and focus on results, gives him the ideal qualities to lead Posten Norden.

CV, Lars Idermark

President and Group CEO of Posten Norden from 2011.

Born 1957. Master of Business Administration, University of Uppsala.

Current position

- President and CEO, Swedish Cooperative Union.

 Previous positions

 - CEO, Second Swedish National Pension Fund

- Deputy President and CEO, Capio AB

- Deputy CEO and Deputy President and CEO, FöreningsSparbanken AB (Swedbank)

- Controller & CFO and Deputy CEO, Föreningsbanken AB

- President and CEO, LRF Holding AB


- Chairman of the Board, Swedbank; Chairman of Compensation Committee and Risk & Capital Committee

- Board member, Chalmers University of Technology Foundation






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