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2015-06-25 10:00

DPDgroup and PostNord expand strategic partnership

-Successful cooperation now enhanced by an assertive B2C strategy
-Access to a network of 26,000 parcel shops
-DPD brand to become a familiar sight on
Scandinavia's roads

The international network DPDgroup, the second-largest service provider on the European parcel market, and Scandinavian market leader PostNord are expanding their strategic partnership in parcel operations. The core of the expanded cooperation is an assertive B2C strategy which, for example, will link the parcel networks of the two partners, creating a harmonised shop network of 26,000 locations in Europe. In addition part of the PostNord delivery fleet will in the future feature the DPD brand in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

PostNord is entrusting to DPDgroup its international parcel volumes shipped from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland to the rest of Europe. In international shipping this provides PostNord’s customers access to the DPDgroup parcel shop network of more than 20.000 locations in 10 countries across Europe, where parcels can be both collected and returned. It also encompasses new mobile services that enable consumers to control and customize their deliveries. The award-winning DPD ‘Predict’-solution will now be available to European consumers also on parcels sent from the Nordics.

“We’re extremely satisfied that we’re able to offer our customers a comprehensive and more robust offering for the European B2C market, which is being expanded with advanced service content on delivery” says Peter Kjaer Jensen, Head of Business Area Logistics, PostNord.

“Our partnership, which is now acquiring additional advanced content, is a long and successful one. PostNord is the leading supplier of logistics and e-commerce services in the Nordic region, and through our partnership we can offer DPD’s customers access to 5.800 parcel shops in the Nordic countries” says Christian Emery, Deputy Chairman of GeoPost, Chief Operating Officer Europe DPDgroup.

Furthermore, “our long term partnership with PostNord allows today a seamless connection to all our customers across Europe” adds Arnold Schroven, Executive Vice President Strategic projects & partnerships of GeoPost.

The importance of this partnership, which has grown steadily since it was initiated in 2002, will also make a visual impact in Scandinavia. By the end of the year part of the PostNord fleet will bring the DPD name to the roads of Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, with DPD branding on 200 PostNord delivery vehicles reflecting the new dimensions of the Europe-wide delivery service. In March of this year DPDgroup presented its new brand identity, which has been harmonised throughout Europe.

Last Updated: 2015-06-25 10:00