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2019-05-28 14:00

Changes to PostNord’s Group Executive Team

As a consequence of the reorganization initiated on April 9, when Annemarie Gardshol was appointed acting Group CEO, and Lena Larsson became acting CFO for the Group, the Group Executive Team will consist of the following persons as from July 1, 2019:

  • Annemarie Gardshol, Head of PostNord Sweden and acting Group CEO
  • Lena Larsson, acting CFO
  • Peter Kjær Jensen, Head of PostNord Denmark
  • Robin Olsen, Head of PostNord Norway
  • Ylva Ekborn, Head of PostNord Strålfors
  • Kristina Lilja, Senior Attorney and Head of Legal and Staff Functions
  • Jan Starrsjö, acting Head of Nordic Strategy & Solutions
  • Charlotte Svensson, acting Head of Digital Products, Channels & Development
  • Björn Ekstedt, CIO

The following persons will be leaving the PostNord Group Executive Team on June 30:

  • Anders Holm, Head of Nordic Solutions
  • Mikael Wikner, acting Head of Operations & Technology
  • Thomas Backteman, Head of Corporate Affairs
  • Tim Jørnsen, Head of the eCommerce & Logistics business area

The internal changes at PostNord are part of the reorganization work intended to help the company meet the major challenges currently affecting the letter and parcel markets. PostNord needs to continue realigning itself flexibly and efficiently to adapt the business to the demands of a growing parcel market and decreasing letter volumes, while still ensuring high levels of quality and service.

Last Updated: 2019-05-28 14:00