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Arken – a modern workplace

It is not always possible for a project to be delivered successfully in all respects, such as time, cost, and quality – but the Arken 2.0 project has done it! PostNord headquarter in Solna, right outside Stockholm in Sweden, has been renovated and modernized, and is now adopted to the hybrid way of working.

Head of Real Estate, Eje Eklöf, is very satisfied with what the project group has managed to achieve in the past three years.

The two project goals have been achieved, which means that we have updated the physical workplace to create an attractive workplace that supports our future way of working, and that we have a new lease agreement, resulting in a greatly reduced overall cost for PostNord.

“As a result of the renegotiated lease agreement, we have reduced the overall cost for Arken, and have at the same time renovated the premises to create a modern office,” says Eje.

Adapted to the hybrid way of working

We now have a modern workplace that is adapted to the hybrid way of working. Now it is up to us who work at Arken to use all the various rooms and make sure we meet within and outside our own groups.

“Together we can create the workplace we want,” says Kim Espling, Project Manager for what is called Arken Ways of Working. The goal of Arken WoW is to manage all the possibilities that Arken offers.

At the board meeting held in August 2023, it was deemed to be the case that the project had achieved its goals within the scope of the project framework. It was therefore decided to formally close the Arken 2.0 project.