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PostNord's CEO at the Swedish government's climate meeting

PostNord's CEO Annemarie Gardshol attended the Swedish government's national climate meeting last Friday. The meeting concluded the dialogue that the government conducted during the spring with various sectors, including the transport sector. Annemarie Gardshol represented PostNord at the roundtable with the transport sector earlier this year.

In connection with the climate meeting, PostNord highlighted issues that are crucial for the company’s climate transition:

The climate transition is business critical. Fossil- and emission-free transport is a must if PostNord is to compete successfully in the market. We and many other companies have everything to gain from a rapid transition.

We need an ambitious climate policy. PostNord is dependent on an ambitious and long-term climate policy to be able to continue investing in our transition.

Biofuels. Biofuels such as HVO and biogas are important for PostNord's transition, not least as a interim solution while transport is electrified. The policy needs to promote biofuels to facilitate the conversion of, in particular, heavier transports.

Electrification. PostNord believes that electrification is the most important and, in the long run, cheapest way to make transport emission-free. Policy decisions are needed to overcome obstacles and aggravating circumstances, including insufficient network capacity.

The purpose of this spring's industry dialogues and the meeting last week was to discuss obstacles and opportunities and to get input to the climate action plan that will be drafted during the year. The plan is being developed so that Sweden will be able to achieve the climate goal of net zero emissions by 2045.

PostNord looks forward to receiving the climate action plan that will be presented later this year. Our climate transition is happening here and now, and we are dependent on ambitious, long-term decisions and the right conditions to succeed.

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