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Business communication for companies

With PostNord’s letter services, we will help you reach all of Sweden. You can send a greeting, information, invoices or goods.

E-mail us your document and your address file, and we will print and deliver your letters straight to recipients’ mailboxes. Do you need extra fast delivery, to track your letters, or for your recipient to sign for the shipment prior to delivery? Do you want to receive responses to offers and notifications? Choose what works best for your business from our services.

We offer Climate-economical Services

If you have sustainability in mind, we offer Climate-economical Services. For these environmentally sound services, we work to minimize environmental impact at each step, from customer shipment to mail carrier delivery. Air transport is not used for Climate-economical Services and distribution is always climate-offset.

Domestic Mail

When sending Domestic Mail, you can reach recipients throughout Sweden. If you are sending at least 500 letters, you can send them as a letter shipment. If you have sustainability in mind, you can send a Climate-economical Letter Shipment at no additional charge as an environmentally friendly choice.

Registered Mail Domestic

Registered Mail Domestic is a secure way to send shipments containing valuable documents, cash and small goods with a market value of up to SEK 10,000 SEK (SEK 5,000 SEK for means of payment). You can easily track and trace your Registered Mail at Registered Mail can only be delivered to the recipient against a signature and the production of ID. The recipient is notified that the Registered Mail has arrived and can be collected from their partner outlet.

If you choose Registered Mail with Personal Delivery, the shipment is only delivered if the addressee signs and personally collects the shipment; power of attorney and couriers are not applicable.

Proof of delivery provides proof that the recipient has received your shipment, because the signed proof of delivery is sent back to you.

With recipient confirmation, you will receive an image file of the acknowledged original notification.


E-mail us your document and your address file. Then we will take care of everything related to distribution: printing, mailing and delivery. eBREV is a simple way to reduce administration, production and distribution costs of addressed mail, such as invoices, pay statements and income statements. Naturally, you can choose to customize your mailings to create personal relationships with your customers. This means your administrative mailings can also contain marketing messages, for example included as physical attachments or printed with your invoices or letters. We provide color printing to clarify your message and brand. There are many varieties of eBREV and the service is therefore suitable for all businesses, large and small.

Domestic Business Reply Services

Make it easy for your customers to respond to a campaign, send in an order or return a product. Business Reply Service shipments can be dropped directly in PostNord’s mailboxes. By offering postage, you make it easy for your customers to respond to your offering or notification of interest. They can also return letters weighing up to 2 kg. Your customer simply posts Business Reply Service shipments in the nearest mailbox or drops them off at a partner outlet.

Express Mail Domestic

When it’s vital that your letter quickly reaches its recipient, the express mail service is the simple and reliable option. The letter is delivered straight to the recipient’s mailbox and you can easily track its progress, finding out where it is and when it has been delivered, at

Cash on Delivery

Cash on Delivery lets you receive payment for a product or service immediately. The recipient pays the amount indicated on the shipment when collecting the parcel. The amount is deposited into your plusgiro or bankgiro account via your bank.


Valuables is a secure way to send extra valuable shipments within Sweden, such as expensive items or means of payment. Shipments must be collected and signed for by the recipient or their representative. Shipments made using this service may contain items worth up to a market value of SEK 10,000, provided the content is a means of payment. For other types of content, the shipment may contain items with a market value of up to SEK 50,000.

Business communication in our local markets

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