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We care for our people

With about 8,000 distribution points, more than 30,000 co-workers and a substantial purchaser of transports, equipment, and services, PostNord plays a major role in key social functions in the Nordic region.


PostNord works to ensure safe workplaces and fair conditions, regardless of whether it is our own employees or people working for us. An improved working environment is an important part of the sustainability agenda and the aim with is to ensure that no employee – permanent or temporary – feels unsafe at work.

Our commitment to care for our people thus involves two areas:

  1. Safe workplaces for all people at PostNord terminals and offices
  2. Fair conditions for truck drivers of our external transport providers and employees at our centrally sourced suppliers

Safe workplaces

Achieving a healthy and safe workplace requires a persistent and systematic approach with continuous improvement as a central principle. The most common occupational hazards within the industry include heavy lifting, poor ergonomic postures and accidents during loading and unloading. Increased e-commerce volumes also lead to new challenges, such as significantly more heavy parcel lifts related to home deliveries.

The vision for our work on occupational health and safety is to create a culture and behavior that minimizes the number of occupational injuries and prevents fatal accidents at work.

Fair conditions

PostNord is committed to contribute to better conditions for the 740,000 truck drivers in Europe. Together with manufacturers and transport buyers in our value chain such as Volvo, Scania, H&M, and IKEA we have joined the Responsible Trucking Platform initiative.

We are adapting our operations to the Responsible Trucking Social Guidelines which includes providing external drivers with access to toilets, drinking water and protection against adverse weather conditions during loading and unloading no later than 2025.

Responsible sourcing

Every year, PostNord purchases goods and services for about SEK 20 billion from thousands of suppliers. By placing specific requirements on suppliers to adhere to human rights, labor rights and environmental responsibility we are able to improve sustainability performance in our value chain.

The main tool to improve the performance of our suppliers is PostNord’s Supplier Code of Conduct. PostNord’s Supplier Code of Conduct | PostNord

More about procurement and purchasing

Supplier Code of Conduct

Do the elearning on our Code of Conduct for suppliers and business partners. Available in Danish, English, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish. 


Every year, PostNord purchases goods and services for about SEK 20 billion from thousands of suppliers.