Climate Leadership

PostNord’s business involves various types of transport. We make targeted efforts to reduce our own environmental impact and thereby also that of our customers.

Reduced environmental impact is not only a positive contribution to society – it is also a competitive advantage for PostNord and our customers.

PostNord creates value through the efficient management and distribution of physical and digital mail items that reach the recipient in an effective manner. Most of PostNord’s business thus involves the transport of mail, goods and freight from one point to another. Carbon dioxide emissions from transport account for the lion’s share of the group’s environmental impact. Reduced consumption of fossil fuels is therefore one of PostNord’s highest priority initiatives for achieving our long-term emissions target.

Climate target 2020


PostNord’s total carbon dioxide emissions will reduce by 40 percent by 2020, in relation to 2009 levels.


At the end of 2019, PostNord’s carbon dioxide emissions had reduced by 36 (35) percent in relation to 2009. The reduction in 2019 was 1 (3) percent.


PostNord’s climate goals, which are expressed in absolute terms, are extremely challenging as production in terms of numbers of parcels shipped is steadily increasing. The reduction in emissions during the year is a good step towards achieving our 2020 climate goal. This is an outcome we are very satisfied with, particularly in view of the increasing volume of parcels and legislation on biofuels that is curtailing the use of high-blend biofuels.

Environmentally compatible products and services

As part of our environmental work and to meet demand, we offer our customers a range of environmentally compatible services.

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How we reduce our environmental impact

PostNord is filling up vehicles and optimizing routes. Constantly striving to ensure that vehicles are filled to capacity and taking the most intelligent routes possible to cut the costs and reduce the environmental impact of each shipment.

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Electric vehicles

PostNord has one of Europe's largest fleets of electric vehicles with approximately 5,000 electric bicycles, mopeds and club cars.

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