Our responsibility as employer

The capacity of PostNord managers to lead during change, in combination with employee commitment, is crucial to the success of the structural changes that are underway – and for PostNord’s long-term success.

As one of the Nordic region’s largest employers, we have a great deal of social responsibility in terms of developing our employees’ commitment levels and safeguarding their health.

Management skill is essential to our success

PostNord is carrying out extensive operational changes to meet the market trend of declining mail volumes. Good management is vital for the structural changes that are underway and for PostNord’s continued development and long-term success. Managerial expertise in guiding change is a critical factor. To develop managerial skills we have defined the behaviours that should characterize all managers’ day-to-day leadership: PostNord managers should be clear, should involve others, take responsibility and deliver value.

Long-term workplace equality target

PostNord’s employees are 34% women and 66% men. To accelerate gender equality, PostNord established a target in 2010 to have at least 40% female managers within the group. Methods for achieving this target include advertising all manager, supervisor and project manager positions internally as well as externally and including women as well as men in the group of final candidates during each recruitment process.

Health and work environment

Many professional roles at PostNord are physically demanding, including jobs at the group’s terminals. Stress is a further challenge for many employees, particularly in a time when the group is undergoing extensive structural changes. PostNord has worked actively for many years to improve the health and wellbeing of its employees – an example of this the use of new technology to reduce the amount of manual lifting.

Responsible restructuring

PostNord is adapting its operations to make them more efficient and profitable. Conditions in the industry are changing rapidly, and the reorganization of the group affects its staffing needs. We will, for instance, need more truck drivers to handle the increasing numbers of parcels, while our staffing needs for mail carriers are currently under review due to declining mail volumes. PostNord’s ambition is to act efficiently and responsibly in all operational adaptations, and we offer repositioning, coaching and other programs in connection with redundancies.


An attractive and stimulating workplace

  • Target: Improve employee and leadership indices
  • 2018 results: Employee index: 69 (2017: 62); Leadership index 74 (2017: 68)

Workplace equality

  • Target: 40% female managers
  • 2018 results: 32% (2017:32%)

Health and work environment

  • Target: Reduce sick leave levels
  • 2018 results: 5,7% (2017: 5,7%)