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Two men in a warehouse.


PostNord makes it possible for businesses and private individuals to do business and communicate with each other every day. PostNord fills an important role in the business community and society in the Nordic countries by making communication and the transportation of goods possible to everyone, every day.

By understanding and acting on the issues that are most important to PostNord’s various stakeholders the right priorities for developing the Group can be established.

The categories that are most impacted by, or are most dependent on, PostNord's operations are described below.

Customers and recipients

PostNord aims to be the first choice for both corporate and private customers and their recipients. Corporate customers account for more than 90% of PostNord’s sales, while private individuals are often the recipients of corporate customers’ mailings. Satisfied customers and recipients are crucial to PostNord’s ambition to be the company of first choice.

Dialogue and follow-up: 

Customer meetings, customer service, drivers and mail carriers for delivery, PostNord’s service partners, customer representatives, and ongoing customer and corporate image surveys. PostNord Listens provides immediate feedback from recipients that PostNord can act upon.

Issues in focus: 

Technical and perceived quality, new flexible delivery options, availability, customer care, security, eco-friendly solutions, sustainability in the supply chain.


With around 30,000 employees, PostNord is one of the biggest employers in the Nordic region. It thus bears a great responsibility for providing a safe and attractive workplace that promotes personal development.

Dialogue and follow-up: 

Performance appraisals, workplace meetings, employee dialogues, employee surveys, communication via various internal channels, dialogue with trade unions.

Issues in focus: 

Customers and quality, Group goals and priorities, leadership and responsible restructuring, working conditions, health and safety, opportunities for development, workplace equality.


PostNord is owned by the Danish and Swedish states. We are tasked by our owners with maintaining a universal postal service in Denmark and Sweden. We are required at the same time to generate economic value and act as an exemplar of sustainable business.

Dialogue and follow-up: 

Annual General Meeting (AGM), annual and sustainability report, interim reports and quarterly meetings.

Issues in focus: 

Development and delivery of a universal postal service, financing of restructuring in Denmark, financial stability, quality, employees, sustainability, digitization, and other current and anticipated challenges and opportunities.

Business partners

Suppliers and partner outlets are amongst PostNord’s most important business partners. Each year, PostNord purchases goods and services of significant value. Our 7,000 distribution points/partner outlets in the Nordic region make our services available to millions of people.

Dialogue and follow-up: 

Meetings with suppliers, procurement, audits, continuous dialogue with service partners.

Issues in focus: 

Collaboration, reliability and delivery quality, information from PostNord as support in contacts between service partners and customers. Sustainability in the supply chain, PostNord’s Code of Conduct for Suppliers.


PostNord plays a key role in the business community and in society. We enable businesses and private individuals to do business and communicate with each other on a daily basis. By operating a stable and profitable business in the long term, with a focus on the environment and social accountability, we meet the expectations of the world around us and enhance our competitiveness.

Dialogue and follow-up: 

Dialogue with public authorities, politicians, decision-makers and opinion-formers. Dialogue and collaboration with trade associations, advocacy organizations (for example, on rural issues), organizations for sustainable development and social accountability, and with students.

Issues in focus: 

Delivery quality, perceived quality, postal regulation, environmental impact, security, and availability.

Capital market

PostNord finances its business partly through bond loans, and the confidence of the capital market is thus important to the Group.

Dialogue and follow-up: 

Interim reports, annual and sustainability report, dialogue with analysts and lenders.

Issues in focus: 

Financial development and financial stability and preparedness, net debt ratio, cash flow and business model.