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Diversity & Inclusion initiatives

Read about how we work with diversity & inclusion

Our customers and recipients are not a homogeneous group, so we need a diverse skill base in order to understand what makes their daily lives easier. One way to ensure this is to take on interns.

It is no secret that sustainability is a key issue for PostNord – and a significant aspect of our work in this area has to do with a sustainable working environment, where the question of diversity is front and center. Working with diversity and inclusion ensures we take in every imaginable perspective in order to accommodate the various needs of different customers, develop new business opportunities and generate profitability.

Different initiatives takes place throughout the organization. One way to work with diversity and inclusion is to collaborate with the job leap program Jobbsprånget. The program facilitate the introduction of newly arrived academics into the Swedish labor market and give them the chance to show their potential. 

PostNord Group's goal is to be a responsible company that acts in an exemplary manner – which is why we believe that our involvement with the Jobbsprånget program makes a positive contribution to our work with diversity.

We unleash the power of diversity

Our employees have a range of very diverse backgrounds. We actively strive to unleash the power of this diversity through leadership based on responsibility, courage, and commitment.

Assaf Assaf

Sustainability specialist at Direct Link

Meet Assaf Assaf
Meet Assaf Assaf


Digital Growth Team, Group IT at PostNord Group

Meet Sneha
Meet Sneha


Mentor at Brand & Communications, PostNord Group

Meet Helen
Meet Helen