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Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answers on the most common questions about our recruitment and how it is to work at PostNord. 

You´ll find answers about the recruitment process here.

Facts about PostNord

In which countries does PostNord operate?
PostNord is a merger of the national postal operators in Sweden and Denmark. In addition to our activities in Denmark and Sweden, we have activities in Norway and Finland where we mainly provide logistics services. We also have limited activities in other European countries.

How many work at PostNord?
We are about 28,500 employees within PostNord.

Where is PostNord's headquarters located?
Our headquarter, called Arken, is located in Solna, which is a suburb of Stockholm in Sweden. Read more and watch a video about Arken >

Work within PostNord

What kind of jobs does PostNord have?
We need drivers, mail carriers and mail workers. For our specialist positions, we need a range of different skills and qualifications within, among other things, business development, IT, e-commerce, sustainability, finance, logistics, communications, process optimization, digitized solutions, environment, production development, human resources, project management, sales and marketing, and management.

Can I submit an unsolicited application?
We do not save unsolicited applications. You can find a regularly updated list of vacancies for

Can I find all vacancies on your website?
Yes, you can find regularly updated list of vacancies

What opportunities for development are available at PostNord?
We have 28,500 employees around the Nordic region and the roles you can develop within are in both the production operations and our administrative departments.

This creates several possible career paths for those who want to develop within PostNord both in their current area or another part of the business. If you have the will and drive, we will help you develop further!

Read more about development opportunities here.

What benefits does PostNord offer its employees?
As an employee at PostNord, you have access to an attractive range of work-related benefits and staff discounts. There are general benefits that all employees at PostNord can take advantage of, as well as benefits you can tailor. This means that you can choose a number of optional benefits that suit your needs and wishes.

Through the PostNord Plus Personnel Foundation, PostNord also offers you a rich range of activities and offers in the areas of holidays, sports, culture and wellness. Visit  for more information.

Pensions and insurance

Employees in Sweden

Do you have an occupational retirement pension under a collective bargaining agreement?
As a PostNord employee, you benefit from an occupational retirement pension under a collective bargaining agreement. This may be regarded as deferred salary, which means that you will receive more than the national pension when it’s time to stop working. Your occupational retirement pension is something that PostNord pays for in addition to what you will receive as your national pension and under your own pension saving plan. The great majority of companies in PostNord subscribe to the ITP-P plan, which differs slightly from the regular ITP plan, for example regarding the age limit. Since January 1, 2009, PostNord’s occupational retirement pension under ITP-P has been divided into two categories: Defined-benefit pension (ITP-P category 2) for those born in 1978 or earlier, and defined-premium pension (ITP-P category 1) for those born in 1979 or later and for all hourly-paid employees, irrespective of age.

What is a PostNord family pension?
Survivors of an employee at any of the Group’s Swedish companies can receive a family pension. The same applies to survivors of retired former employees. The family pension plan is a form of collective insurance that is based on the ITP-P pension agreement. The family pension plan is insured via SPP.

What is PostNord Pensionsstiftelse (the PostNord Pension Fund)?
The PostNord Pension Fund manages and secures pension liabilities on behalf of companies in the PostNord Group.

Which types of insurance does PostNord offer its employees?
As a PostNord employee, you benefit from substantial basic cover. For example:

Disability pension – Occupational Retirement Pension ITP-P represents an extension of your cover in the event of illness entitling the employee to disability pension after a qualifying period of 90 days.

Survivor’s insurance cover – Via PostNord, you benefit from Group Life Insurance, TGL-P. Under this insurance, your surviving spouse/domestic partner receives a lump sum payment on your death.

Accident and occupational injury – During working hours you are covered by Work Injury Insurance (TFA). The insurance also provides cover during travel to and from work (accidents during commuting). The insurance is contracted with AFA Försäkring. You can also take out extended cover by contracting optional accident insurance.

Optional group insurance – such as life assurance, lump sum medical insurance, sickness insurance, accident insurance and child insurance.

Employees in Denmark

What pensions are available as an employee of PostNord?
There are good pension in PostNord. In PostNord Danmark, the company's contribution is between 12-20%. Which percentage and pension fund depends on which professional organization has the right to bargain.

What insurance exist as an employee of PostNord?
We want PostNord to be a safe place to work at. In addition, you as an employee are covered during working hours by occupational injury insurance, accident insurance and business travel insurance. In addition, we pay into group life insurance for you as an employee. Payment from the insurance can be considered in the event of particularly serious illness, so-called critical illness, as well as in the event of death. In the latter case, a separate compensation is paid to the survivors.

Companies within the PostNord Group

Much of the information you read under Career applies to the entire Group, while other information only concerns the Group Company. Below are links to our various companies, so that you can get specific information that applies in these local companies.

PostNord Sverige

PostNord Danmark  

PostNord Norge

PostNord Finland

PostNord Strålfors

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Company presentation

Our company presentation gives you an overview of who we are and what we do. The pdf:s are available in five languages.

Download our company presentation >