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Meet our people

Johan Nilsson

Lead Product Owner & Team Manager

Johan is the Lead Product Owner & Team Manager in the team Customer Solution at the unit Digital - part of PostNord.

Within Digital, we see ourselves as digital specialists, regardless of specific skills and expertise we need people that are committed to delivering the best possible digital experience. The software developer is therefore a very important role since it’s a fundamental skill that a development team needs have in order to succeed.

Roles in the team are: Digital Product specialists, Product Owners, Developers, QA engineers, UX-specialists, i.e. all roles that is needed in order to be able to deliver.

What is the most fun part of being a manager for your team and unit? And what are the most fun aspects of working at PostNord?
The most fun part of being a manager of my unit is that we have a very competent set of people working together, learning is an everyday thing. On a broad level, we are allowed to make everyday life easier for the Nordic citizens.

What is it like working in your team?
Being a part of our team means that you as an individual needs to act and value servant leadership. We believe in strong teams that delivers value through great software.

What kind of person would fit and thrive as a System Developer and in the team?
A person that wants to develop as a professional, learn and share learnings. A person that believes in DevOps culture.

Why should you as a candidate apply to your team and the role as a System Developer?
A developer that wants to make a change and impact everyday life for Nordic citizens should apply.