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Meet our people

Mads Boelt

Nordic HR-strategist/ specialist, Group HR & Talent Management

As a Nordic HR strategist for the Group HR & Talent Management team, Mads primarily are handling our employee engagement survey, competence development and the people planning process. 

Why did you choose to take the job as an Nordic HR strategist/ specialist? What is best about your role?
I am proud of working in a company that reaches out to all parts of the Nordics, that has a clear sustainability agenda and has high standards – both regarding the environment, high quality delivery but also ethics and that cares about their employees.

Can you describe how a normal work week looks like in your role as Nordic HR strategist/ specialist?
My days and weeks are very different – even though my physical surroundings have been much the same lately (home office). Some days have a lot of meetings primarily with internal or external partners on employee surveys or planning of a talent program. Other days there is more time to develop on new or existing concepts, processes or training sessions. Sometimes it is very low key assignments such as updating concept information on the Intranet, contributing with numbers for reporting or answering questions from users of some of our HR tools.

What kind of persons would fit and thrive in the role of Nordic HR strategist/ specialist with us at PostNord?
It is important that you can understand our business and our strategy and that you want to take part of and drive a great transformation. You also need to have analytical skills, to be self-going and have stamina/patience in order to support the change of our business in the best possible way. It is also great to be both flexible and pragmatic when it comes to finding relevant and sustainable solutions.