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Meet our people

Jonas Borg

Legal Counsel, Group Legal

As a Legal Counsel for the PostNord Group legal team, Jonas primarily are handling commercial contracting and especially within the two sectors Real Estate and M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions). 

Why did you choose to take the job as a Legal Counsel? What is best about your role as a Legal Counsel?
Before joining, I worked as an associate lawyer at a UK based law firm basically within the same legal fields as my current role. One of the many things that attracted me to PostNord was the possibility to explore and work beyond legal tasks and focus on one major business with a long-term perspective instead of various projects with separate clients.

Can you describe how a normal work week looks like in your role as Legal Counsel?
A normal work week usually focusing of drafting, reviewing and negotiating various legal agreements within my fields, drinking too much coffee and socialize with my brilliant and intelligent colleagues. On a daily basis I work close to the business and constantly learning from various co-workers, always with the Group’s current strategy as a constant reminder in order to keep relevant focus. I concentrate on the long-term perspective and what happens when law is applied in practice and how it affects our business in its various fields over time. Understanding how other competences work helps me become a better lawyer.

What kind of persons would fit and thrive in the role of a Legal Counsel with us at PostNord?
I think that a perfect fit is someone who is a curious, pro-active and service minded team player. PostNord is an amazing company with such rich history yet enormous growth potential. With the right commitment there is no limit for how much our business and people can develop and grow.