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Finnish everyday heroes of the coronavirus spring

For PostNord Finland, the virus spring resulted in an increase in assignments related to healthcare deliveries. For example, PostNord employees have transported coronavirus test samples all over Finland. One such worker is Kirsi Ylänne.

“In the beginning, I wondered whether I could become infected by the samples. The fear was, of course, completely unjustified because all of the drawers were securely closed, and I was also careful with my hand hygiene and making sure the vehicle was clean,” says Kirsi.

She still washes her hands as often as possible, always carries hand sanitizer with her, and always disinfects her vehicle after each terminal visit.

“I think these special hygiene efforts are great and hope they continue along the same line even after the pandemic. It never hurts to maintain good hygiene.”

Kirsi has been driving for PostNord since the summer of 2019, and also has previous experience with healthcare deliveries. She likes that the work is versatile.

“Even though I usually have to get up before three in the morning, I like my job. It feels good to do a job that is actually important.” 

“Then it’s important to de-escalate things and signal to them that you’re taking them seriously, even if they’re writing in all caps and using tons of exclamation marks. It can be a challenge when you’re just writing and not speaking with people. My advice is to be personable in your writing; it doesn’t matter if you have a few spelling mistakes here and there. It has to feel like you’re being honest and genuine, that’s what’s most important.”