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About Us / Corporate Governance


Each year the Annual General Meeting is required to approve guidelines for executive compensation in the PostNord Group. The guidelines are based on the Swedish government’s guidelines for compensation and other employment terms for executives in state-owned companies.


The Annual General Meeting decided, in accordance with the shareholders' revised proposal, that remuneration to the board should be paid per year as follows:

Chairman of the board:  SEK 755,000

Vice chairman of the board: SEK 564,000

Board member: SEK 337,000


Fees must be paid per year to employee representatives and deputies who attend board meetings with the equivalent of a Swedish price base amount (SEK 57,300).


Committee remuneration shall be paid per year as follows:

Chairman of the audit committee:                        SEK 81,000

Audit committee member:                                   SEK 63,000

Chairman of the compensation committee:           SEK 38,600

Compensation committee member:                      SEK 25,800


No fee is to be paid to any Board member who is employed by the Government Office of Sweden.