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Where you can make a difference to people and the planet.

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Are you curious, driven by development and want to help make everyday life easier and sustainable for everyone around the world? Then you have come to the right place!

PostNord Headquarters, Stockholm, Sweden.

Vacancies around the world

Join our dynamic team here at PostNord International and shape your career journey. With a variety of job opportunities available globally, take advantage of the chance to make a difference in our innovative and cooperative workplace.

Vacancies across the Nordics

With diverse job openings across the Nordics, seize the opportunity to contribute to our innovative and collaborative work environment.

Jobs in Sweden

Discover job openings across Sweden. 

Jobs in Denmark

Discover job openings across Denmark. 

Jobs in Finland

Discover job openings across Finland. 

Jobs in Norway

Discover job openings across Norway. 

Questions? Answers.

How many people work at PostNord?

We are about 28,500 employees within PostNord.

Where is PostNord's headquarters located?

Our headquarter, called Arken, is located in Solna, which is a suburb of Stockholm in Sweden. 

What is PostNord's policy regarding hybrid work models and office attendance?

PostNord has adopted a hybrid work model to promote flexibility and productivity. Employees are required to be in the office for three days each week, allowing for a balance between remote and in-person collaboration. This approach ensures effective teamwork while accommodating individual needs and preferences.

What kind of jobs does PostNord have?

We need drivers, mail carriers and mail workers. For our specialist positions, we need a range of different skills and qualifications within, among other things, business development, IT, e-commerce, sustainability, finance, logistics, communications, process optimization, digitized solutions, environment, production development, human resources, project management, sales and marketing, and management.

Can I submit an unsolicited application?

We do not save unsolicited applications. You can find a regularly updated list of vacancies on our website.