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We are proud that we tie the Nordic countries together.

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Do you want to be at a workplace where changes are everyday occurrences, where we trust each other and about which almost everyone has an opinion? Then we are pretty sure that you will be happy with us.

Our culture

As an employee, you are part of a long and proud history in a company that ties the Nordic countries together. Today, we are a modern and diverse company that places great importance on reliability and where we work together to achieve sustainable results.

Our culture

Do you see change as a way to develop personally?

If so, you should consider working with us. To change sets demands for the employee and the company. Society is changing resulting in fewer letters while e-commerce is growing. As both letters and e-commerce parcels are part of our core business, we need to change and develop.

Development opportunities

Questions and answers

Questions and answers

Can I submit an unsolicited application?

We do not save unsolicited applications. You will find a regularly updated list of vacancies on our website.

What choices of leisure activities are employees offered by your company?

Our company offers leisure activities and membership of employee clubs both locally and at country level. Through membership of Personalestiftelsen PostNord Plus, all employees are offered a wide selection of holiday, sport, cultural and wellness activities. For more information, visit www.postnordplus.com.

How does PostNord encourage social community among its employees?

Our company offers leisure activities and membership of employee clubs both locally and at country level. All employees are offered membership of Personalestiftelsen PostNord Plus by which different activities are arranged. For more information, visit www.postnordplus.com.

What opportunities for development are available at PostNord?

PostNord is a company undergoing change and this both creates new opportunities and places demands on our employees. Your manager plays a significant role to create the right basis for your development opportunities along with your commitment and qualifications. The annual appraisal interview leading to an agreed action for developing your skills is central to giving you the opportunity to influence your work situation and development. Your development opportunities can comprise anything from new demanding tasks to taking part in one of our development programmes.

In which countries does PostNord operate?

PostNord is a merger of the national postal operators in Sweden and Denmark. In addition to our activities in Denmark and Sweden, we have activities in Norway and Finland where we mainly provide logistics services. We also have limited activities in other European countries.