Development opportunities

Are you considering changes as part of your opportunities for development?

If your answer is yes, you will enjoy working with us. We develop our activities with entirely new business areas and with Nordic outreach for product solutions. As this sets demands for employee skills, skills development is one of our strategic focus areas.

Your opportunities for development
Your manager plays a significant role to create the right basis for your development opportunities along with your commitment and qualifications. Your development opportunities can comprise anything from new demanding tasks to taking part in one of our development programmes. 30,000 people work with us. This is a large workforce including also a large number of managers and leaders. So, if you are interested in taking management responsibility and have the right qualifications, we can offer you possibility for such career opportunities.

Your commitment makes the difference
We expect our employees to be committed to their job and to be actively involved in their development in order to contribute to their own success, the success of our company and our common results.

Last updated: 9/20/2017 2:35 PM