All Interim Reports


Year-end Report 2019

Strong improvement in income during the year

Interim Report January - September 2019

Continued positive progress

Interim Report January - June 2019

Continued focus on strengthening e-commerce and a sustainable letters business

Interim Report January-March 2019

Strong quarter in challenging times


Year-end Report 2018

A quarter of intensive activity, with a high level of quality sustained

Interim Report January - September 2018

The transformation in Denmark is starting to show results

Interim Report January - June 2018

New business agreements, continued transformation and focus on quality

Interim Report January-March 2018

Important steps towards a more modern postal distribution system and continued rapid growth in e-commerce.


Year-end Report 2017

PostNord meets the strong growth in e-commerce with increased capacity and flexibility.

Interim Report January-September 2017

Uncertainty dispelled – financing for the Danish transformation and Swedish postal legislation in place.

Interim Report January-June 2017

Execution of the strategy and transformation to meet the challenge of digitalization is on schedule.

Interim Report January-March 2017

Quality back on a high level. The transformation for sustainable profitability continues.


Year-end Report 2016

New production model to be introduced in Denmark. Closer Group-wide focus on the customer experience delivering results.

Interim Report January-September 2016

Continued major challenges being met by increased responsiveness and further readjustments.

Interim Report January-June 2016

Focus maintained on harmonized offering in the Nordics and reAdjustment of mail operations.

Interim Report January-March 2016

Still on the right path, with the focus on end-to-end Nordic solutions and adaptation of the production model.


Year-end Report 2015

High pace of change in a challenging world.

Interim Report January-September 2015

Still on the right track but in an even more challenging world

Interim Report January-June 2015

Continued focus on service offerings and long-term profitability

Interim Report January-March 2015

Securing long-term profitability and competitiveness


Year-end Report 2014

Execution of strategy, new organization and cost efficiency initiatives dominated the year

Interim Report January-September 2014

Focus on service offerings and cost efficiency progresses

Interim Report January-June

Continued focus on customized solutions and cost efficiency

Interim Report January-March 2014

New organization for a clearer, more efficient PostNord.


Year-end Report 2013

We need to step up the pace of our streamlining efforts and service development

Interim Report January-September 2013

Focus on execution and capturing effects

Interim Report January-June 2013

Increased net sales - strong development in logistics

Interim Report January-March 2013

Stable development overall - The way forward is clear


Year-end Report 2012

Satisfactory annual results - maintaining fast paced conversion efforts

Interim Report January-September 2012

Weakened market conditions – continued conversions

Interim Report January-June 2012

Continued rationalizations and investments for growth and profitability

Interim Report January-March 2012

Major changes in a continued challenging market


Year-end Report 2011

New strategic direction for PostNord

Interim Report January – September 2011

Changes and efficiency efforts to counter market trends and earnings development

Interim Report January-June 2011

Challenging market reinforces need for additional changes

Interim Report January-March 2011

Countering reduced sales and lower earnings with business development and cost adjustments


Year-end Report 2010

Improved operating profit despite declining volumes

Interim Report January - September 2010

Strong increase in earnings – extensive cost adjustments and synergy realisation according to plan

Interim Report January - June 2010

Improved operating earnings achieved through long-term cost adjustments

Interim Report January - March 2010

Continued cost reductions stabilised Posten Norden's operating earnings despite continued poor demand


Interim Report January - September 2009

Posten Norden launched full speed ahead and with a focus on costs

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