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From publications to reports about e-commerce and logistics, PostNord offers no shortage of free insights to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Peaks, troughs and accelerating digital transformation

The insights presented here are sourced from various channels, including information collected in January 2024 from 197 online retail companies. This data serves as the foundation for the Swedish e-barometer Annual Report 2023, enabling us to explore the trends and discoveries stemming from these engaged businesses.

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    E-commerce faces slight downturn with full year growth at minus 2%

    In the second occurrence of negative growth in E-barometer history, e-commerce experienced a slight decline, with a full-year development landing at minus 2% in 2023. While brighter than the 2022 decline of 7%, it still indicates a challenging year for online commerce.

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    Clothes and shoes stay stylish all year round

    The online clothing and footwear industry remains resilient, thriving throughout 2023.

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    E-tailers fulfill consumer expectations

    In 2023, it became evident that consumers have diverse preferences for delivery methods. These varying preferences set expectations for e-tailers to provide a broad range of delivery options, which significantly impacts consumers' purchasing choices.

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    Unlocking eCommerce success

    How PostNord delivers transparent pricing and efficient invoicing for your parcels to the Nordics.
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    Accelerating eCommerce business in China

    This bite size podcast is on the topic of unlocking eCommerce success and how PostNord and Equick accelerate eCommerce business in China.

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    The pharmaceutical sector is the strongest industry online in 2022

    Among negative development figures, there is one industry that has stood strong – the pharmacy industry grew by 10 percent in 2022.

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    The global situation leaves its mark on the furniture and interior design industry

    The furniture and interior design industry is one of the industries that faces high comparative figures after having performed strongly during the pandemic.

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    The sports sector faces high comparative figures

    2022 has been a tough year for the sports trade. As in many other sub-sectors, rising inflation and interest rates, war and the state of the economy have left their mark.

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    Audiobook services and physical booksellers challenge

    The year 2021 was a record year for the printed book in both physical and e-commerce. However, 2022 has not looked as positive for the industry.

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    Gloomy times are an opportunity for second hand consumer electronics

    The home electronics trade has been hit hard in 2022. The industry is one of those that fared best during the pandemic and this year's development is therefore compared with high numbers.

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    Almost one third of international purchases are made from Germany

    International e-commerce is important for several reasons. International trade creates growth opportunities for retail companies that want to establish themselves in new markets and provides a greater range for e-commerce consumers who want to shop from other countries.

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    Modest but positive development for the fashion trade

    In 2022, the online clothing and shoe trade has remained at a relatively stable level, compared to the other sub-sectors.

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    The phasing out of third-party cookies is in full swing

    When third-party cookies disappear, companies will have to use other technologies to collect information, which means that first-party data will play an increasingly important role when it comes to offering the consumer a tailored online experience.

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    Strong development for second-hand online sector in 2022

    Second-hand has been a trend for several years, but given the economic situation, it is becoming more and more interesting to examine how the market develops because price is the factor that attracts most consumers to the used players.

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    Different payment methods in Sweden compared to the rest of Europe

    In terms of preferred payment methods, Swedes differ from the inhabitants of many other European countries.

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    Recovery for clothing and footwear

    Fashion retail is one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic.

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