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2012-04-24 14:37

PostNord appoints new head of Business Area Breve Danmark

Henning Christensen to take over as head of PostNord’s Breve Danmark business area on May 1, 2012.

Henning Christensen has extensive experience in the Danish mail market from his current position as head of Production & Transport within PostNord’s Danish operations. By virtue of his new position, Mr. Christensen will be a member of PostNord’s Group Management team and Post Danmark A/S’s executive management team.

- I am extremely pleased that Henning Christensen is taking over leadership of the Danish mail operations, and I am entirely confident that this will be done with results on par with previous levels, says Lars Idermark, President and CEO of PostNord.

Finn Hansen, current head of the business area, will spearhead implementation of the ”EFQM” model, a new operating control model in the PostNord group. Due to the good results of work done with this operating model over several years by PostNord’s Danish operations, the model is now being implemented throughout the group.

- Extensive changes were made to the Danish mail operations under Finn Hansen’s leadership, with excellent results. He is therefore in a good position to solve the tasks involved with implementation of the new operating model. The model focuses on commitment, customer focus, leadership and employeeship, and creates good opportunities to further develop the business in a way that benefits customers, employees and our owners, says Mr. Idermark.

Last Updated: 2012-04-24 14:37