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2013-04-30 11:59

Data Scanning A/S buys activities in ISS Document A/S

ISS Facility A/S and Data Scanning A/S have entered into an agreement whereby Data Scanning A/S purchases all activities in ISS Document A/S, a subsidiary of ISS Facility Services A/S.

The transaction consolidates the market position of Data Scanning A/S, a subsidiary of Post Danmark A/S and a substantial player in Denmark’s market for commercial document scanning.

“This acquisition will enable us to provide even better service and a wider product range to our customers. We’re pleased that this consolidation will directly benefit our customers by ensuring even higher reliability of supply and vast know-how and expertise to develop our customers’ needs. With this acquisition, Data Scanning A/S wishes to enlarge its position in the digital-invoice processing market and secure production-related synergies in its daily work,” says Niels Frost Larsen, Managing Director of Data Scanning A/S.

ISS Facility Services A/S is also pleased with the deal:

“ISS Document A/S is a stable business but is not a central aspect of ISS’s strategy moving forward. The divestment of our activities in ISS Document A/S helps to intensify the strategic focus of ISS Facility Services A/S and also intensifies the focus of our business platform. At the same time, Data Scanning A/S gains a better position from which to maximise the potential of ISS Documents A/S in the area of document management, and the collaboration with Data Scanning A/S going forward means that ISS can continue to provide document management to its customers,” says Martin Gaarn Thomsen, CEO of ISS Facility Services A/S.

The acquisition of the activities also means that Data Scanning is taking over 21 employees from ISS Document A/S.

Last Updated: 2013-04-30 11:59