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2014-01-07 08:00

Focus on customer deliveries after fire at IT supplier

Ever since the fire occurred at PostNord’s IT supplier Evry, focus remains on ensuring that the return to functioning IT operations will be handled with the least possible impact on the Group's customers and their business. Several web services have gradually been made available to customers and incurred delays in delivery in Sweden will be handled during the week.

Although New Year's Day fire at IT supplier Evry, most of PostNord mail and logistics services have functioned normally. In Sweden, however, certain services in the letter business was affected. Thanks to extra staffing during the weekend delivery of these items will commence as of today and are expected to be finalized during the week.

During the weekend the communication with the Group’s 1,600 partner outlets in Sweden was fully re-established. Thus customers can pick up items requiring extended ID check. Also, cash on delivery can be collected. SMS notification works as well.

Services for tracing letters and parcels were again available in the Group's markets during Friday 3 January. The log-in functionality to ePosthuset and Netbutikken in the Danish market are expected to be back in operation soon.

At temporary landing pages for, and customer information and links to services have gradually been made available. Individual services may have reduced functionality for some time.

PostNord continues to cooperate intensively with IT supplier Evry to ensure the quality of security solutions and thus enable the opening of national websites.

Last Updated: 2014-01-07 08:00