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2015-06-01 16:13

PostNord launches consultancy offering for more effective communication and logistics

PostNord is launching a new consultancy offering, PostNord Insight. The offering is based on a combination of PostNord’s in-depth consumer insight and the Group’s communication and logistics solutions. PostNord Insight will help boost customer profitability using target-group adapted communication, and reduce the amount of tied-up capital via smart logistics solutions.

An increasing number of companies are opting to interact with their customers using omni-channel solutions, i.e. both in physical stores and via e-commerce. This development is changing the market and increasing consumer power. Changes in customer behavior place new demands in terms of insight and understanding.

“PostNord possesses in-depth consumer insight that can help customers reach the right target group via the right channel, and at the right time. When we help our customers communicate effectively with their customers, it increases the likelihood of their customers making a purchase. Increased trade also fuels the need for effective logistics solutions with reduced tied-up capital,” says President and Group CEO Håkan Ericsson.

The Nordic e-commerce market is undergoing rapid growth, and PostNord Insight means that PostNord is involved in pushing this development.

“The customers are positively surprised that PostNord is working with insight-based business development. They can see that working in partnership with us gives them clearly defined potential for improvement. The projects in which PostNord Insight has already been involved have proved our ability to contribute towards boosting customer profitability by around 20%, through more effective communication,” concludes Håkan Ericsson.

Last Updated: 2015-06-01 16:13