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2016-07-05 10:00

PostNord Stralfors Group AB (“Stralfors”) has the intention to sell its subsidiaries in the UK, Poland and France

A decision was made during 2015 to integrate Stralfors into PostNord Group. The integration process is underway and, as a part of that, Stralfors contemplates to sell its subsidiaries outside the Nordic countries.

Stralfors has entered into an agreement with Aurelius Wachstumskapital to divest its subsidiaries in the UK and Poland. Stralfors has also discussed a potential divestment of Stralfors’ subsidiary in France with Aurelius Wachstumskapital and its Partner Coliseum. Coliseum has made an offer to Stralfors accordingly. The sale of Stralfors’ subsidiaries in the UK and Poland is subject to certain terms and conditions (e.g. competition filing in Poland).

“PostNord offers communications and logistics solutions to, from and within the Nordic region and Stralfors aims to be the leading provider of channel-independent customer communication solutions in the Nordics. This means that we will focus on our business in the Nordic region and our subsidiaries in the UK, Poland and France will get much better conditions to develop with a new owner,” says Annemarie Gardshol, CEO PostNord Stralfors Group AB.

"We are happy that Stralfors’ has chosen us as the new owner for its operation in Poland and the UK. Together with the management and the employees we will build on the existing business model and customers and develop new activities,” says Carsten Adel-Hadi, CEO of AURELIUS Wachstumskapital.  

The business in France, Poland and UK have together 400 employees whom would be affected by the divestment. It is especially noted that mandatory information-consultation procedure has started in France as a result of the offer from Coliseum.

Last Updated: 2016-07-05 10:00