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2018-02-16 07:30

New fee to be levied on consignments from third countries from March 1

From March 1, all mail items with a declared value that come from outside the EU Customs Union will have VAT applied to them from the first krona, usually at a rate of 25 percent.

-      “It is very good that we have been able to agree on a solution for how the levying of VAT on such a large volume of mail items can be handled,” says PostNord Head of Corporate Affairs Thomas Backteman in a statement. 

At the same time, a new fee model involving a lower fee than the current SEK 125, including VAT, will be introduced.

A fee of SEK 75 will be charged for consignments with a declared value of less than SEK 1,500.  

For consignments with a declared value of SEK 1,500 or more, the current fee of SEK 125 will still apply. In addition to the cost of the VAT declaration, this will also cover the cost of making a customs declaration.

-      “Establishing a process that can handle the huge volumes involved over the course of just a few weeks has not been easy. But on the first of March we expect to have the process in place and the new handling fees will apply,” continues Thomas Backteman. 

In the event that the recipient does not want to pay the VAT and the fee for the VAT declaration, the consignment will be returned to the sender. 

Last Updated: 2018-02-16 07:30