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2022-02-08 15:00

PostNord paves the way with a new agenda for sustainable logistics

As a leading provider of parcel and logistics services, PostNord has a key role in Nordic business and society. Our ambition is to make everyday life easier and to be a leader in sustainable logistics. With a long history of systematic and successful sustainability programs, we have now adopted a new ambitious agenda to drive the transition of our industry.

PostNord has defined three clear commitments regarding sustainable logistics:

  • We manifest climate leadership.
  • We care for our people.
  • We unleash the power of diversity.

We manifest climate leadership

To solve the climate crisis, the transport sector will need to undergo a gigantic transformation. Therefore, PostNord will take on the role of leading the way in securing a Nordic infrastructure for fossil-free transport by 2030. We are committed to showing that it is possible to switch to completely fossil-free transport, including the more than 13,000 vehicles on the Nordic roads driven by us and our partners. A milestone on this path towards 2030 is that all our last mile transports shall be emission-free throughout the Nordic region by no later than 2027.

Progress requires partnerships with customers and other market participants, both within and outside the transport sector. One precondition is that the energy sector transitions to renewable energy production as quickly as possible. Other success factors include the pace of the development of electric vehicles, the expansion rate of EV charging infrastructure and the growth rate in the production capacity of biofuels.

“I am very pleased that we have a distinct agenda for sustainable logistics. This will help us contribute to positive change for the people around us and will radically reduce the climate footprint of transport in the Nordic market and lay the foundations for completely fossil-free operations by 2030,” says President and Group CEO Annemarie Gardshol.

We care for our people

PostNord works to ensure safe workplaces and fair conditions, regardless of whether this is for our own employees or other people working for us. An improved working environment is an important part of the sustainability agenda and the aim with this work is to ensure that no employee – permanent or temporary – feels unsafe at work.

The vision for our work is having a culture and behavior that minimize the number of occupational injuries and prevent fatal accidents at work.

“To achieve this objective, PostNord has joined the Responsible Trucking Platform initiative, and we are currently adapting our operations to the Responsible Trucking Social Guidelines. One example of this is that PostNord’s Nordic terminals accessible to external drivers shall provide access to toilets, drinking water and protection against adverse weather conditions during loading and unloading by no later than 2025,” says Annemarie Gardshol.

We unleash the power of diversity

The PostNord Group’s employees and everyone who works with or for PostNord have a range of very diverse backgrounds, skills, and perspectives. We actively strive to unleash the power in this diversity through leadership based on responsibility, courage, and commitment.

“PostNord stands for a culture in which everyone can feel respected and listened to, and which ensures that we fully utilize the collective skills and insights that already exist in our large organization,” says Annemarie Gardshol.



Last Updated: 2022-02-08 15:00