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Let us make you even better at e-commerce

PostNord can help your company with everything from marketing, warehousing and distribution to intelligent and secure payment solutions – all with the aim of optimizing your e-commerce business.

Let us make you even better at e-commerce

Regardless of whether you’re new to e-commerce or well established in the market, we have solutions that will take you to the next level. We can help you optimize your sales through relevant customer canvassing, logistics solutions and, of course, all our logistics, goods distribution and returns services.

Better marketing

PostNord helps you to quickly and easily get started on your marketing efforts or optimize your advertising campaigns to increase traffic to your website.

Our offering covers direct marketing, digital advertising, analyses and measurements of effects – before and after a campaign. We help you to select target groups, make lists of customers and purchase addresses.

Controlled distribution

Make us responsible for your distribution, and your entire delivery chain will be under control. We handle deliveries to both companies and consumers – to and from the Nordic region and to the rest of the world.

With PostNord, your delivery will reach the recipient quickly and safely, regardless of size or weight. You and your customer can track the delivery the entire way, whether it is international or domestic.

Your customers can have their items delivered to their home or collect them when it suits them at a distribution point in their local area. Your recipient will be informed via SMS, email or regular mail when their item is on its way or is ready for collection at a partner outlet. We naturally offer flexible solutions for any returns.

Secure warehousing

Secure warehousing, rapid deliveries, full traceability. With our logistics solutions, you can get help with warehousing and transportation, order processing, picking and packing, customs procedures, distribution and assembly.

Let us design a solution customized to your needs. We handle large, small and bulky products in a variety of different industries. The products are naturally fully traceable, and we offer temperature-controlled transportation.

Secure payment

Secure, efficient payment solutions are essential for e-retailers. The services should be easy to use for both you and your customers. PostNord offers you several different payment solutions for your website.

E-commerce in our local markets

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