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Automate the scheduling of shipments and make your web store more efficient.

Save time by automating your order flow

Using plugins developed by our partners can offer your customers an improved shipping experience at checkout. When a customer makes a purchase in your store, shipment orders can be placed automatically in the PostNord Business Portal. At the checkout you can give your customer the option of all kinds of trackable deliveries, such as delivery to postal box, home/business delivery, collection points and package box delivery. All shipments are automatically ordered and can be printed from the PostNord Business Portal.

Connect your WooCommerce store to the PostNord Business Portal for automated orders of shipments. Either set up a connection directly via a WooCommerce plugin or via Klarna shipment selector.


✓ Show retailer & parcel box on map

✓ Automatic order processing

✓ Change of shipping method & shipping method on order

✓ Print labels directly in WooCommerce

✓ Support for all e-commerce shipping methods

✓ Support for in-store pickup

✓ Book or reserve a shipment

✓ Change of agent & mailbox on order

✓ Track packages


To get started you will need a service agreement with us and access to ShipConnect or Klarna Shipping Assistant

Do you need a service agreement with us?

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