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PostNord Klarna Checkout

Make e-commerce life easier and improve your customer experience with PostNord’s Klarna Checkout integration.

Create easy delivery and return experience with PostNord Klarna Checkout

When a customer makes a purchase in your e-store, the PostNord Klarna integration enables you to automatically send the shipment order to the PostNord Business Portal. From here you can then print the shipping note and schedule pickup. You can also easily track, change and follow-up on each delivery. All invoices are collected in one place and you can easily create reports of all your deliveries.

Regardless of which of the supported e-commerce systems you use, our Klarna integration works in the same way. You simply create your delivery options in the PostNord Business Portal, decide upon the shipping cost or whether it’s free shipping and then select available shipping options for your customers.

This is then synced with Klarna Checkout, providing your customers with available delivery methods at checkout. The moment your customer places an order, the details appear in the PostNord Business Portal. The only thing you need to do is print the shipping note.

Get started with PostNord Klarna Checkout integration

If you have Klarna Shipping Assistant it’s easy to add a Klarna connection to your account in the PostNord Business Portal. Our order connection supports the following popular platforms:

✓ WooCommerce

✓ Magento

✓ Prestashop

✓ Litium

✓ Jetshop

✓ Panagora

✓ Askås

✓ MyCashFlow


To get started you will need a service agreement with us.

Do you need a service agreement with us?

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