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Hire us when you need help with handling your mail

PostNord makes it easy for you as a consumer in Sweden or Denmark to send and track letters and parcels.


Send domestic mail wherever you wish, with next-day delivery. You can easily mail your items in your nearest mail box. If you live in the countryside, you can give your mail straight to your mail carrier. If you choose to send economy mail within Sweden, it will reach its recipient anywhere in the country within three days – at a lower price. In Denmark economy mail is delivered within four days.

When it's vital that your letter rapidly reaches its recipient, the express mail service is the flexible and reliable option. Domestic express mail will arrive on the next business day.

Do you want to send something particularly valuable within Sweden or Denmark? With us you can send registered mail. The item is then only delivered to the recipient on receipt of a signature and on the production of ID. This ensures that your mail always reaches the person to which it was sent.


It's easy to send items by parcel post. You can pay and print shipping documents in advance via your computer before dropping off your parcel at one of our service points. If the recipient lives in Sweden, the parcel will arrive on the next business day. Your recipient will be informed immediately via SMS or regular mail when the parcel is ready to collect.

We have the biggest network of service points in Sweden and Denmark and are therefore always close to recipients.

Track your letters and parcels

You can track traceable letters and parcels, domestic and international. Follow your shipments online right until they are delivered to the recipient.

Mail handling in our local markets

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