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Agenda for sustainable logistics

PostNord is a leading provider of parcel and logistics solutions to, from and within the Nordic region. Our mission is to make everyday life easier, and we aim to be the leader in sustainable logistics. Following a long tradition of systematic improvements in sustainability performance, we are introducing an ambitious agenda to drive the transition in the entire transport sector.

PostNord’s role in society

Our operations include the important universal service obligation of guaranteeing postal services in Sweden and Denmark. This obligation is at the core of our business – to ensure that citizens can send and receive mail and parcels safely, timely and sustainably. It also provides the framework under which we will fulfill our sustainability commitments.

This is also the reason why PostNord plays such a key role in Nordic business and society. With a unique network throughout the Nordic region, we make possible for companies, authorities, and private individuals to do business, deliver goods and to communicate with each other regardless of geographical distance.

A distinct sustainability agenda is one of the key enablers within our business strategy. The main objective is to pave the way for the sustainable transition of the transport and logistics industry while at the same time strengthen our position in the market. By clearly integrating sustainability into our product and service offering we will create value for our customers, consumers, employees, suppliers and society.

Three distinct commitments

PostNord’s business is governed based on financial and non-financial targets that cover our financial-, environmental- and social responsibility.

PostNord's agenda for sustainable logistics is based upon where our operations have the greatest impact on people and the planet and focuses on areas where we have the ability to make a significant difference.

We have defined three distinct commitments regarding sustainable logistics:

  • We manifest climate leadership.
  • We care for our people. 
  • We unleash the power of diversity.

The PostNord Agenda for Sustainable Logistics

We manifest climate leadership

Fossil-free 2030

40% COreduction by 2025

Zero emission in last mile
no later than 2027

We care for our people

Zero-vision for Safety 

No fatalities

Injury Frequency Rate
well below benchmark

On fair terms

Responsible Procurement Index 100

Responsible Trucking Social Guidelines 
implementation by 2025

We unleash the power of diversity

An inclusive workplace

Inclusion Index well above benchmark

Annual and Sustainability Report 2022

We make everyday life easier

PostNord connects companies, public authorities and private individuals. Via our unique network, we make business, trade and communication possible to, from and within the Nordics.

In 2022, PostNord delivered in all 245 million parcels and 1.1 billion letters and other mail items.

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Our latest Sustainability report

The Sustainability report is reported according to the Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) G4 Guidelines and is included as a part of the Annual report.

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More about Sustainability

Sustainability Report

The Sustainability Report is intended for those interested in our sustainability initiatives, and our future ambitions in this area. It is reported according to the Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) G4 Guidelines and is included as a part of the Annual report.

Our environmental responsibility

PostNord’s business involves various types of transport. We make targeted efforts to reduce our own environmental impact and thereby also that of our customers.

We unleash the power of diversity

Our employees have a range of very diverse backgrounds. We actively strive to unleash the power of this diversity through leadership based on responsibility, courage, and commitment.

Community involvement and sponsoring

The sponsorship strategy is joint Nordic, while the execution is national. Through PostNord’s partnerships, partners can help the target groups achieve their dreams and goals.

Responsible procurement

Each year PostNord purchases goods and services for billions of SEK from a large number of suppliers. The majority of these purchases involve transport and services.


To ensure a uniform way to carry out the strategic direction across the whole organisation, common ways of working are established at Group level. 

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