PostNord offers communication and logistics solutions to, from and within the Nordic region. Our operations include the important universal service obligation of guaranteeing postal services in Sweden and Denmark. We are also the Nordic region’s leading business communication operator and one of the region’s largest logistics operators.

Sustainable Transformation

Our business strategy is dependent on a distinct sustainability agenda. The Sustainable Development Goals guide us in how to transform our operations in a more sustainable direction. Sustainability will be taken into consideration in our activities in order to minimize risk and maximize sustainable value creation. Our goal is to strengthen our position in the market by clearly integrating sustainability into our product and services offer.

An inclusive leadership and dedicated employees are essential to the creation of new business opportunities and to improving our capacity. Sustainable operational performance and improvements has a positive effect on product quality, while it also reduces cost and minimizes the negative environmental impact from our services. Safe and secure high-quality communication and logistics solutions create value for our customers, consumers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Our goals

PostNord’s business is governed based on financial and non-financial targets that cover our financial-, environmental- and social responsibility.

Our overall goal is to create long-term value for our customers, owners and other stakeholders while ensuring the fulfilment of the group’s universal service obligations.

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Corporate responsibility

We support and run our operations in accordance with the corporate responsibility principles of the UN Global Compact and OECD guidelines for multinational companies.

Code of conduct

Our Code of Conduct specifies governing rules of behavior for the Group in the areas that are most important for us in ensuring sustainable business practices.

Whistleblower system

Many companies have a reporting procedure – a whistleblower system – to ensure that serious crimes committed by a person in a senior position can be reported. PostNord also has a system of this kind.

Annual and Sustainability Report 2020

  • Delivered nearly 200 million parcels and 2.6 billion letters 
  • Very high demand for home and contact-free deliveries 
  • New and expanded terminals 
  • Strengthened strategic partnership with DPDgroup
  • Good progress in the improvement programs
  • Improved results and cash flow
  • Reduced carbon footprint by 40 percent
  • A new ambition of becoming fossil-fuel free by 2030
  • Launch of new brand strategy 
  • Extension of agreement with the Danish government


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Our latest Sustainability report

The Sustainability report is reported according to the Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) G4 Guidelines and is included as a part of the Annual report.

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More about Sustainability

Sustainability Report

The Sustainability Report is intended for those interested in our sustainability initiatives, and our future ambitions in this area. It is reported according to the Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) G4 Guidelines and is included as a part of the Annual report.

Stakeholders and dialogue

PostNord makes it possible for businesses and private individuals to do business and communicate with each other every day. PostNord fills an important role in the business community and society in the Nordic countries by making communication and the transportation of goods possible to everyone, every day.

Our environmental responsibility

PostNord’s business involves various types of transport. We make targeted efforts to reduce our own environmental impact and thereby also that of our customers.

Our social responsibility

With about 7,000 distribution points, 30,000 co-workers and an extensive fleet of vehicles, PostNord plays a major role in key social functions in the Nordic region. We have universal service obligations in Sweden and Denmark to deliver mail and mail items to all households and businesses.

Engaged employees

As one of the Nordic region’s largest employers, we have a great deal of social responsibility in terms of developing our employees’ commitment levels and safeguarding their health.

Community involvement and sponsoring

The sponsorship strategy is joint Nordic, while the execution is national. Through PostNord’s partnerships, partners can help the target groups achieve their dreams and goals.

Responsible procurement

Each year PostNord purchases goods and services for billions of SEK from a large number of suppliers. The majority of these purchases involve transport and services.

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To ensure a uniform way to carry out the strategic direction across the whole organisation, common ways of working are established at Group level. 

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