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Meet our people

Åsa Edde

Product Owner, Analytics and Automation

A Product owner in the Analytics and Automations team is a part of is responsible of a certain area or services, understands tools and technology, behaviors and needs to act proactive within this field to suggest, advice and support stakeholders. 

Why did you choose to take the job as a Product Owner? What is best about your role as Product Owner?
- During my many years at PostNord, I have worked with development within the customer meeting area and the technology around it. As a Product Owner in the Analytics & Automation team, I can work with a long-term, strategic perspective and apply new technology to automate and streamline customer meetings and business processes among other things.

New technology is changing the entire customer experience and our working methods. PostNord is really at the forefront of advanced, smart solutions. The culture is very innovative, which makes it very inspiring and satisfying to work here. We face the future with innovations. Automation is a very interesting area where I think we will see a rapid development in the future.

Working here at PostNord with its history and as a company that so many people can relate to is both challenging and important. I really can´t imagine a more exciting and developing job.

Can you describe how a normal work week looks like in your role as Product Owner?
- What can I do this week to make it easier for our customer and at the same time empower our colleagues?

Customers will expect a customer journey that is seamless, fast and efficient and it is important for us to find solutions that meet all requirements.

In my role, this means to look at the possibilities to implementing a higher degree of automation in our processes for both customers and employees. Together with my team and other businesses, we analyze and evaluate existing processes and techniques. What data do we have and can retrieve? By analyze data from different perspectives we aim to make information more accessible and processes more effective.

We have a large amount of data to work with, which constantly presents new challenges and opportunities to use new technology such as AI.

As a group function we work across all teams within the countries. We support, advice, and drives automation.

I always keep the customer in focus as much can change rapidly and with that the need of having flexible solutions.

What kind of persons would fit and thrive in the role as a Product Owner with us at PostNord?
- You who are curious, innovative, and like an agile, customer-driven approach, in both technology and business development will like working here. Here you have the opportunity to work with new exciting technology in an innovative environment.

As a team, we value competence and how we use our knowledge and experience. It is very stimulating to work in an international environment where diversity means that you get the best out of each employee. Collaborating with colleagues and work “cross boarders” on a daily basis is part of the job.