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Tracking Tracking
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Parcels on track!

In Finland, customers will soon be able to track their parcels in real time. This long-awaited function takes home deliveries to the next level.

Narrower time frames

In 2020, PostNord Finland trialed new technology for time-optimized home deliveries. The new function is expected to be launched in Finland in 2021, and similar projects are underway throughout the Group.

It enables recipients to choose a time interval in plenty of time for the parcel that will be delivered in the evening. On the day of delivery, they receive a message stating the time of delivery with a one-hour margin. For example, when there are four customers before you at most, you receive an additional text message allowing you to track the parcel’s progress in real time.

Makes daily life easier

The idea for this feature simply came from PostNords desire to make the services more user-friendly. In other words, we wanted to make people’s everyday lives easier. With the help of technology, recipients can plan their life better when they don’t have to wait hours for their parcel deliveries. Recipients can also request that the parcels be left with their neighbor, for example.

Successful trials

The new technology was tested in and around Helsinki in the spring and summer of 2020. In total, more than 20,000 parcels were delivered. The response from the recipients and drivers was mainly positive. PostNord also managed to deliver more parcels than before. The recipients were particularly grateful that their parcels arrived on time.

Suggestions for improvement

The drivers who took part in the trial gave good, constructive suggestions for improvement that have already been taken on board. For instance, they were limited by the lack of an interface; which PostNord started working on immediately.

Instant reply

With this delivery model, drivers’ routes can also be better optimized. If the drivers start to lag behind in their schedule, it will be possible to notify the recipients. We also want to develop the system, so that when the delivery of a parcel fails for any reason, a message will be sent to the recipient immediately instead of the next morning.