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People by PostNord

“We change the entire company structure”

Three years ago, Mattias Norén stepped in as Strategic Product Manager for the Nordic market at PostNord Strålfors. Today he is responsible for the company’s Strategy and Business Development unit and, together with the organization, is running the entire digital transformation at PostNord Strålfors.

“On our journey, PostNord Strålfors, which has been a process and production company focusing on print, is becoming a digital product and service company. This involves our changing the entire structure of the company. Everything from governance, culture, skills, and investments to the financial structure.”

According to Mattias Norén, the current restructuring of PostNord Strålfors is a textbook example of what is known as digital transformation.

“It’s a paradigm shift in the industry, much like when we went from analog cameras to digital ones. And to be successful, we need to create an agile and flexible organization. Our degree of success is not only down to the management. It is something that has to be cultivated throughout the organization and enabled by our employees. We’re at our best when we work together.”


Digital development

“In recent years, we have entered the digital world, for instance, by offering digital mailboxes and mobile payment solutions. And we have done well with this; the majority of our earnings are now from the digital side of the business. Our current focus is on helping our customers in their onward digitalization journey and securing continued growth in our digital volumes.”

Billions of transactions

“Our biggest asset is that we handle over one billion transactions annually. But we need to broaden our role in the value chain. In the future, we can’t just handle the transactions – we also need to develop solutions that simplify and automate our customers’ processes surrounding the transactions – that’s our journey.”

A shared journey

“I love change and trying out new things. That was also what attracted me to this role and PostNord Strålfors – to be involved in implementing a corporate transformation from scratch. The icing on the cake is that we are a company and an organization with employees who are truly passionate about embarking on this journey together.”