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Teaming up for greater customer satisfaction

How do you keep the customers satisfied? It's the tough nut PostNord has to crack. In Denmark, employees already have the nutcrackers in full swing. 

It’s fantastic to be able to make a positive difference for someone – but it’s not always easy. This is something that Stine Sander, Head of Parcels, Retail & Communication at PostNord Denmark, knows all about. Behind her long title lies a constant focus on how customers perceive PostNord’s service and an unwavering commitment to continuously improve the customer experience. 

“We continually measure how commercial customers and consumers rate our service. In both cases, we compare our results with those of our closest competitors. And, of course, we keep a close eye on what consumers are writing about us on Trustpilot.” 

PostNord Denmark has already significantly boosted its reputation, and is close to surpassing its closest competitors in the field of parcels. Customers and consumers are giving higher ratings, and Trustpilot users are handing out more stars than before. However, there is still room for improvement, according to Stine.  

“We have the advantage of being a well-known brand. Everyone recognizes PostNord and has an opinion about the service we provide. We’re the biggest operator on the parcel market, and our volumes are so large that if only a small percentage of parcels aren’t delivered at the right time or to the right address, it means we’re disappointing as many as half a million people in Denmark every month.  

"That’s a lot of people. So we must constantly think about how and where we can improve. Not just when it comes to the quality of our delivery, but also with regard to our communication and our products." 

The accuracy of delivery in Denmark is 97 percent. Nine out of ten parcels are delivered within 24 hours, and this is something PostNord is communicating clearly in both TV and radio adverts, as well as in messages and mail to consumers. Nevertheless, the majority of Danes are still unaware that PostNord’s delivery quality is so high. 

“‘I wish!’ is what most Danes say when we tell them about our delivery level. Every parcel, letter or other shipment that we deliver is thus an opportunity to prove to consumers that we at PostNord are both quick and efficient. But we can only succeed when all employees focus on making sure we keep our promise each and every day,” emphasizes Stine.  

Niels østergaard is a mail carrier in Aalborg, agrees that customers must receive the service they expect. 

“It’s essential to always follow the guidelines, but, occasionally, you have to go the extra mile. For example, I can pick up a parcel from a commercial customer so that the customer doesn’t have to waste time returning it.” 

It’s also important to give private customers a little extra attention sometimes.  

“If a customer has ordered delivery to their home address but doesn’t answer when I ring the doorbell, I can make a call the next time I’m in the neighborhood and ask if I can come by with their parcel.” 

Even though customer satisfaction is much higher today than it was a few years ago, Niels still meets the occasional customer with a complaint.  

“In that case, it’s important to listen closely and try to understand what the problem is. Then you need to look into it and get back to the customer as quickly as possible.  
In principle, the customer is always right, and you need to try to see things from their perspective. If you approach the situation with a cheerful, positive attitude and know that you’re always doing your best, you usually end up with satisfied customers.”


Lis Bromberg Lund is a mail carrier in Holbæk and has worked for the mail service for 31 years. 

“As a mail carrier, you have a major influence on customer satisfaction. I may not actually meet customers in person as often as previously, but I guess I get to say ‘Hi’ to around one in ten.” 

If customers are not home to receive their parcels as agreed, Lis gives them a call to hear if she can leave the items somewhere else.  

“They usually appreciate that. I recently had a really large, valuable parcel to deliver to a customer. I called ahead in good time, and explained exactly when I could be there, and the customer was incredibly thankful.” 

What really annoys some customers is when a parcel isn’t delivered as expected.  

“In such cases, we have to try to deal with the situation as soon as possible. I think that certain customers are unfairly hard on us on social media, and that the tone can sometimes be unpleasant and not entirely accurate. Personally, I find that the majority of customers are satisfied.” 


Rasmus C. Hansen has worked at the Køge parcel terminal for the past two years. 

“My impact on customer satisfaction primarily deals with helping to load the trailers with the right parcels for the right destinations. If a parcel ends up in the wrong place, it won’t reach the customer in time. On the one hand, it’s fairly routine work, but on the other hand, it does demand accuracy and attention to detail. You have to be careful, and any mistakes you make have to be corrected quickly. And, of course, you have to handle the parcels carefully to avoid damaging them.” 

In Rasmus’ experience, customers’ opinions of PostNord have improved significantly.  

“I’ve noted it among my family and friends. I’m also seeing a lot of positive change in my workflow – everything is running smoothly, which makes my work a whole lot easier.” 


Jesper Klena handles the dispatch of trucks from the parcel center in Taulov to parcel terminals in Køge and Brøndby. He has been with PostNord for 15 years. 

“In my job, I can influence customer satisfaction by sending trucks to Køge and Brøndby on time and with the right parcels. Otherwise, there’s a risk that the final link in the chain will receive the parcels late or – worst of all – the wrong parcels.” 

The first vehicles are sent on their way at 5 PM. and the last at 2 AM. Occasionally a parcel sorting machine or a vehicle will break down, and then it’s important to solve the problem quickly. This can involve sending the parcels unsorted so that they can be sorted in Køge or Brøndby, for example, or arranging for a new vehicle.  

“You have to keep a close eye on the production and transport stages, and you have to have a good working relationship with the Production Managers.” 

If a parcel gets lost, all necessary resources have to be devoted to finding it as quickly as possible. 

“I’ve noticed a clear improvement in customer satisfaction, especially when talking to my family and friends. PostNord has a much better reputation than previously,” concludes Jesper. 

Bildtext: “I’m seeing a lot of positive change in my workflow. Everything is running smoothly, which makes my work a whole lot easier,” says terminal employee, Rasmus C. Hansen.  

Bildtext: “Responsibility for customer satisfaction doesn’t only apply to a specific unit at PostNord. Each and every day, each and every employee affects what customers think of our service,” says Stine Sander.