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The terminal’s best friend

There’s one thing that is absolutely indispensable at a terminal. It runs on four wheels and can carry heavy loads. The team in Denmark will soon receive 14,500 new ones, and Allan is taking care of it all. 

In many countries the mail carrier’s horn has become the symbol of the postal service, but really it should be a more common everyday object, like a parcel cage on wheels. The rectangular metal parcel cage is used to transporting all shipments between terminals and distribution hubs. It’s actually impossible to work without it. And in Denmark, PostNord employees can soon look forward to a major update of this classic piece of equipment. 

“It’s about time. Some of the containers we’re using today date back to the early 1980s. They were old back when I joined the company as one of Santa’s little helpers back in 2003,” says Allan Stevnsvig, who has been tasked with testing the new parcel cages in Denmark and purchasing no fewer than 14,500 of them over the coming three years. 

The objective is to find a lighter load carrier that’s easier to work with. Another requirement is that the parcel cages must signal much more clearly that they come from PostNord.  

“They can help boost the brand and reinforce recognition of our organization.”  

Another advantage of the new types of parcel cages is that they are stackable, which is better for both the climate and the company finances.  

“They’re a bit like shopping trolleys. If a truck carries 33 full parcel cages when we leave the terminal, we have room for 110 empty cages when we return. This means that we can eliminate two out of three journeys with empty parcel cages. In addition to reducing our carbon footprint, this naturally saves us both time and money.” 

Will the new ones last just as long? 

“I don’t think so. The new ones feature more moving parts, but they’re also much user-friendlier in everyday situations.” 

Let’s back up a bit… what was that you said about joining the company as ”Santa’s little helper”? 

“Oh, yeah. Haha! That’s what they called us who handled Holiday mail decorated with ornaments and glitter, packages that the sorting machines couldn’t handle. Since then, I’ve worked as a Production Manager and Planner, and I love it – there are all kinds of exciting opportunities at PostNord.” 

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