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About us

Our vision, purpose and culture

For a company operating in a competitive and constantly changing industry, it is important to have a vision, purpose and set of common values that can act as a compass, to guide our actions and determine our success.

PostNord’s vision, purpose and strategic goals define what we do and how we do it.

Our vision

The favorite carrier of the Nordics

PostNord’s vision is to be the favorite carrier of the Nordics and to connect the rest of the world with the region. We should be well-liked as a company and want our customers and consumers to choose PostNord because we offer the best solutions.

Our purpose

We make everyday life easier

PostNord’s purpose is to make everyday life easier – for consumers, customers and colleagues. We strive to remain at all times an important part of the Nordic community. Making everyday life easier also means making internal processes more efficient, thereby reducing costs.

Strategic goals

Win in Parcel

Sustainable Mail Business

Our desired culture

With a clear focus, we strive to remain at all times an important part of the Nordic community. We make everyday life easier and more sustainable for everyone who lives and works in the Nordic region. We deliver with care

At PostNord, we strive for a culture in which our employees feel involved in helping to achieve results and strengthen trust in PostNord. Ensuring that the Company is an attractive employer for everyone is essential to long-term success and development. Gender equality helps to create a competitive company that achieves better results, is perceived as attractive and is more easily able to recruit and develop employees.

More about our values

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct specifies governing rules of behavior for the Group in the areas that are most important for us in ensuring sustainable business practices. 

Company presentation

Our company presentation gives you an overview of who we are and what we do. The pdf:s are available in five languages.

Download our company presentation >