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Independent ombudsman

Customers should primarily contact local customer services in each country and business area. However, if the customer perceives a decision as incorrect, the case can be reconsidered by the independent ombudsman.

The independent ombudsman assignment involves both mail and parcel services and includes business areas; Mail Sweden and Logistics in Sweden as well as Mail Denmark and Logistics in Denmark.


Danish Ombudsman

Customers with complaints must first and foremost contact the national Customer Service for processing of their case. If the customer perceives a decision as incorrect when it has been processed by Customer Service or in a business area, the case can be reexamined - in Denmark by the independent Appeal Function.

The independent Appeal Function handles appeals concerning letter and parcel services and Logistics in Denmark.

Contact can be made by sending an email to


Swedish Ombudsman

For Swedish Ombudsman related enquires please read more here