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Pauliina is bringing Finland its own parcel network

Amid increasing competition, PostNord Finland is investing in its own distribution points.

Pauliina Murtola is the person making this happen.

Pauliina has worked at PostNord in Finland since 2015. Her latest assignment: to create a service-oriented network of distribution points in Turku and Tampere. Work began in April and is due to be completed by Black Friday.

“The world is changing and we need to be flexible enough to change with it.” Pauliina says. “Competition in the parcel market is fierce and to be a significant future player in Finland, we need to have our own network.”

Although she shoulders the responsibility for the network, cooperation with colleagues is one of the keys to success.

“It has meant a lot to me to realize that I can count on support, even in difficult situations”, she says. “I believe that a compassionate atmosphere is conducive to change and development.”

Pauliina also collaborates with various corporate partners, but focuses on the end users of the service.

“It's easy to identify with consumers because we all have the experience of online shopping and parcel delivery and what works well and what doesn't”, she says. “The most rewarding aspect is to be able to make a difference.”


Picture: Pauliina Murtola makes it happen.