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“We won’t achieve the goal by snapping our fingers”

Jussi Broberg’s machine removes unnecessary air out of parcels, reducing them in size by on average 30 percent. This could help to cut the number of truck journeys by 100 per year.

On occasion, you have probably wondered why the tiny, weeny product you ordered is delivered in a gigantic parcel. You’re not alone, many others do, too.

PostNord transports millions of parcels every year. As the packages are often of standard size, a large volume of unused space, i.e., air, is also transported.

But that’s about to change. PostNord Finland has invested in new technology to eliminate dead space in parcels.

“It’s a state-of-the-art device that optimizes and minimizes packaging size”, says Jussi Broberg, head of PostNord’s TPL unit in Helsinki.

“There can be a lot of dead space in the packaging because the goods are often so varied in shape. In practice, packaging size can be reduced by on average about 30 percent!”

But how does this technology actually work?

“The goods are packed in cardboard boxes as usual, but are then transferred to a completely new line. The device measures the filling level of the packaging and minimizes the packaging’s size. There is no empty space left and no need for fillers, such as plastic, cardboard, or paper.”

The new automation line is in Turku and covers about 200 square meters. It can process up to 900 parcels an hour.

“Parcel volumes are now so high that no one has time or resources to do this manually”, Jussi says. “If we managed to reduce the size of all parcels we handle in Finland by 30 percent, in theory that would reduce transportation by up to 100 trucks per year.”

Jussi says three main factors determined the purchase of the new technology: quality, environment and cost-efficiency. PostNord is a major player and with this new technology it can pave the way for others in the industry.

“We have a central role in creating environmentally friendly solutions”, he says.

“PostNord’s goal is to be completely fossil-free by 2030. We won’t achieve that by snapping our fingers, but by implementing several measures here and there.”

“Transportation is of great importance. If we can reduce it by a hundred trucks a year, it will really make a difference. If the measure is implemented in many places at once, we’ll suddenly be able to reduce trucks by the thousands.”


Picture: The technology can handle up to 900 parcels an hour.

2021_ 2_jussi_broberg.jpeg

Picture: Jussi Broberg is Head of the TPL Unit in Helsinki, Finland.