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Issue 2, 2022

Creating a colleague

Even though Niva can answer an unlimited number of calls, she doesn’t ever get tired of dealing with upset customers. And not only does she provide support to customers contacting PostNord – but also to those working in customer service.

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On a mission for zero emissions

PostNord has committed to an ambitious plan: zero emissions in last-mile transport by 2027. An essential component of reaching this goal is to replace vehicles run on fossil fuels with electric vehicles.

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Sound of silence

Driver Johan Söderlund had an important mission: to test-drive the new electric truck. And yes, there were many skeptics. For one thing, what if the battery died? Three months later, everyone agrees: electric trucks are the future! 

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“We’re making a difference”

We got the news just one day before: starting from tomorrow, we will send emergency aid parcels to Ukraine, free of charge. 

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